I have always been creative and drawn to the Art world… from just pure appreciation to dabbling in all kinds of mediums, taking numerous courses as well as eventually teaching them.  But what I found out about myself was what really interested me was creating something with intense color, texture as well as dimension. This has led me into my own world of colorful textured Abstracts.  

My aim is to encourage viewers to explore them not just with their eyes, but with the additional senses of touch and smell. 


I currently live in Greer, South Carolina where my studio is located.  I started using Resin several years ago in 3D picture jewelry and have evolved into creating Fine Art in a larger capacity.  Resin has become my base medium of choice and has allowed me to accomplish my goals. 

My desire is to constantly keep evolving and to push my own limits to get out of my comfort zone in order to create higher quality work that makes an immediate impact.

about the PROCESS


So what is Resin and how does one paint with it?  

Well there are many types available, but in essence what I use is a two part Epoxy that I mix equally together. It is extremely sticky and has a very short working span before it gets too thick to do much with...about 15-20 minutes.  But it makes a beautiful gloss that is very durable once it has hardened properly.

Unlike other Artist working with Resins, I actually paint with it.  I don't just coat on a layer over another painting.  I use small amounts of resin added directly to different types of vibrant colored paint (acrylic, oil, watercolor, pigments and mica) and then paint using different tools, heat, fire, air ice and some handmade tools.  Everything is methodically planned out .  


Since texture is so important in my paintings, I incorporate metals, foils, fiber, paper and organic materials, in order to provide depth and multiple surfaces to touch.  Numerous layers of resin are also applied and manipulated to deepen certain colors and to create additional dimension.


The other nice thing about Resin is that it's pretty waterproof so you can use this artwork to enhance rooms with moisture (like bathrooms and kitchens), without damaging it.  That opens up all kinds of possibilities.