Cristina Parker


Why do I create?  Why am I an Artist?  Why do I make art for a living?

For me creating is not a job.  It is my Passion. 


I love the thrill of seeing a blank dead canvas and wondering how my choices will bring it alive?  I love the feeling of paint on my hands, the smell of it in my nose, and the wonders I feel when viewing the intense colors on my palate.


How can texture be added and how do I capture these same intense colors that I see daily in the natural world around me?  Oh, to be able to create something half as wonderful and inspiring as what I see just in the sky.

I have this inner void that only seems to be filled once I have taken the leap and put my sensitive soul and imagination out there for the world to view unconditionally.  I have “jumped off that cliff”, risking myself, becoming vulnerable and showing all who care to look, a small view into my heart. 


When an Artist creates, they am risking rejection, risking negative critique, risking harsh judgment. But without taking that chance how can they ever feel truly alive? How can they show others how they experience the world?


With my abstracts, my longing is to create a highly emotional response in each viewer.  I want them to be mesmerized and drawn in by the intense color, fascinated by each small flowing movement, and curious enough to reach out and touch what normally is off limits and taboo.   My desire is that my artwork will awaken their senses and allow a new passion for beauty that encourages them and fills their life with joy....the same joy and passion I feel when I am creating.


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