The first thing is to decide the best size of panel that you want for your custom project, including whether you want one or several pieces or one piece spread over several panels.


Next is choosing your color palate and design preferences. Your color choices are very important so if I can meet with you locally, I will arrange to have an onsite consultation where I visit your space and get a feel for the surrounding atmosphere (wall color, fabric, light, overall mood, etc.).  I will also bring my color swatches for you to choose from. We can speak about layers, textures and effects that you possible would like to include.  Reviewing some of my previous artwork will also assist in this process.


If you are not local then this consultation will have be done via the phone, text and email.  Sending pictures of your space, fabric swatches or paint chips will assist me in getting a feel for your space.


I love to see any inspiration you can also provide.  I am always open to recommending sizes, colors, textures, etc….if you are unsure of what you want.



Once I begin work, I start with a few small panels of your piece, to give you an idea of what I had in mind and make sure we are on the same page.  Once I have your approval, the actual larger work begins.  At this point, I typically allow for 3-6 weeks for completion (depending on my schedule).  If your item is a fairly large installation, then the time commitment could differ.


My prices for commissioned pieces run about 20% more than ready-to-ship paintings.  This is to account for the time spent putting together a cohesive piece that meets all of your wishes.  I ask for a 50% deposit to begin, with the remaining balance, plus shipping (if needed), due once your painting is complete.  


If you are driving distance and want it personally installed, I can do that as well for a small fee.  You also have the option of picking it up if shipping it is not your choice.

I am often asked to recreate works that have sold, sometimes even on a different sized panel.  Although pieces cannot be duplicated exactly due to the fluid nature of resin, commissions are accepted to create similar style pieces and can be made in colors that match your decor.  The best part for you as a collector is that even when I revisit a piece, I will not recreate it inch by inch.  This means that your new piece will be truly unique and utterly one-of-a-kind!